Collection: Classic Snooker Tables

We have been providing an excellent service to customers for a number of years, with a huge choice of products. Our beautifully crafted snooker tables come with everything you could need to play a full game as soon as delivery is done. Each snooker table we provide has been crafted using traditional methods. We stock the Sam Tagora table that comes with the choice of either mahogany or a solid oak frame. These are a beautiful design. However, we do hope to add to our stock, so be sure to keep checking our page for further additions. All of the tops are made with diamond honed slate, giving you the same level of quality no matter whether you are a professional or the sport is your hobby. If you are requiring one for your home, perhaps to place in a family games room or for a man or woman cave, these classic snooker tables will fit in beautifully with your other home furnishings, avoiding a clinical look by adding the warm tones and texture that a carved wood frame provides. As this is a game based on precision, each snooker player must be able to rely on the installation team setting it up perfectly flat so that the game is not influenced in any way by gravity. Cue Power offer free delivery and installation as part of their service, and can set everything up exactly as it needs to be. This beautifully ornate wooden design is very heavy once it has been put together. So, to avoid having to move it at a later time, and inadvertently changing the dynamics of the tables angles and position, we recommend that you have everything ready and waiting for the arrival of your new snooker table. We have the choice of either a 10ft or a 12ft snooker table. Each have their own merits in terms of who wants to play and where you want the snooker table suppliers to set it up. If you want your game to resemble the tournaments and professional matches, then you may choose the 12ft table in order to practise the game exactly to the same measurements. If you have a snooker club, you may therefore feel that you would prefer the 12ft table for your members. However, they are a good choice for domestic or commercial (clubs, pubs, and other public venues) use. The 10ft snooker tables are equally popular with both commercial and residential customers. When you want to order a larger number of tables for your premises, so that your customers and any club members are more likely to find a one that is free, so they can always get in a game or two in at their local venue, the 10ft may be more practical. This size is also ideal for our private customers home premises. As snooker must also take into consideration the space needed for the player and their cues, in order to angle their shots exactly, this can sometimes be the preferred option because, in this case, the play is more important than the size of table.

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