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Snooker and Pool Table Maintenance Equipment The purchase of a good snooker or pool table is an investment, so ensuring that it is maintained in a suitable manner is vital in prolonging its lifespan and getting your money’s worth. There are a variety of pool table cleaners and pieces of snooker table maintenance equipment available from us here, whatever your requirements. One of our most popular purchases for snooker and pool table maintenance are our snooker or pool table spots, which allow you to cover up any wear and tear on the table. This means that the balls will continue to roll smoothly upon the surface, without any unfair hindrance to the game. Inexpensive and always handy to have around, we’d recommend that every snooker or pool table owner has these around – especially if the table gets a lot of use. If you find that the markings have become less prominent on your snooker or pool table and it’s starting to impact playing performance, you can pick up some pool or snooker table marker pencils. Available in either black or white, these pencils will allow you to redefine the baulk line and the all-important D-shape on your snooker or pool table. When it comes to the rails and pockets of your snooker or pool table, you’re going to need a rail brush to get rid of any built-up dust or excessive chalk. This will add to the overall tidiness of the pool table and – with its nylon bristles and wooden handle – this piece of equipment is a breeze to use. We stock many other pieces of snooker and pool table maintenance equipment; simply contact us today and our team will be on hand to help unite you with the ideal equipment for your particular requirements.

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