Collection: Practice Equipment

We offer an extensive collection of pool and snooker equipment for professional players, hobbyists, and venues. As part of our range, we stock a selection of pool and snooker practice equipment to refine your skills and improve your game. Whether you are completely new or you are returning a little rusty, our pool and snooker practice aids can help players of all levels. If you are struggling to keep your cue straight, we can supply Blade Cue Pocket Trainers. These simple tools help you straighten your cue and familiarise yourself with straight cueing. Pocket-friendly and easy-to-use, these tools are perfect to carry around with you just in case you ever fancy a game. We offer a choice of three training balls by the leading brand, Aramith, to help you practice in-game and improve your precision. The Jim Rempe and Nic Barrows training balls are both designed with two sides, one for beginners and the other for advanced players. With the unique designs, they can help you hone your skills and learn how to strike the cue for an accurate shot. With the Aiming By the Numbers Method, you can use an efficient training tool with embedded patterns to learn how to pocket balls. You can also practice anywhere, anytime, with the flat aiming discs. For training outside of a snooker game, we can supply Just One Frame, a unique manual designed to improve your game. The guide teaches you to become your own snooker coach and illuminates you against your specific faults. It can help beginner and experienced players to play to their full potential and hone their cue skills.

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