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We supply a range of high quality 8 Ball Pool Cues at affordable prices. Our 8 Ball pool cues start from £39.99, ranging up to £292.78, meaning you can choose the perfect 8 Ball Cue for your budget and playing style. The brands that we currently supply include Cannon (manufactured by Peradon in Liverpool), Peradon (manufactured in Liverpool) and Cue Craft (manufactured in Nottinghamshire); at present three of the leading cue manufacturers in the English 8 Ball pool market.

Within each section below you will find a variety of different 8 Ball pool cues to suit your needs. Standard 8 Ball cue sizes generally alternate between 55 and 57 inches (depending on the manufacturer you choose) and the weights can also differ for each individual pool cue. More customisable choices are available in the Cue Craft and Peradon sections below, such as 1/2 and 4/5 jointed 8 Ball Pool Cues or adjustable mini butt and short butt joints. Cannon provides a simpler choice of 8 Ball Pool Cues at more affordable prices for the players who are beginning to engage with the game or who are not regular competitive players.

With Cue Craft, some items are more customisable than others, with options that can be changed depending on your playing preference. These options include: Butt Joint, Cue Length, Cue Weight, Ferrule and Joint material, Joint position, Tip make and Tip Size; each customisable option will affect the standard price of the pool cue after it is chosen. Our 8 Ball pool cues that are currently available are made from a variety of materials, including but not limited to: North American Ash, Rosewood, Mexican Rosewood, Ebony and Sycamore. Fixtures and fittings come in brass as standard with all our 8 Ball pool cues but can be customised to stainless steel with selected Cue Craft cues.

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