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Harrows Flights - If you’re a professional player or just an amateur darts enthusiast you no doubt want to be able to trust in the flight of your darts. While a flight is vitally important to guide the trajectory of the dart, a flight also says a lot about your personality. That’s why we are delighted to offer our customers an excellent selection of Harrows dart flights to help you hit the bullseye every time. Our range of Harrows dart flights range from the Atomic flight, with its hexagonal molecular structure and aerodynamic performance, all the way through to the super-sized feather design of the Vortex flight, which will give your darts extra backlift. As expert dart manufacturers, Harrows are always looking for new materials and manufacturing processes for their flights. We are proud to also be able to offer the latest additions to the Harrows dart flights’ range, such as the Supergrip with its increased shaft grip, and the light-sensitive visual splendour of Optix flights. No matter which flight you choose, you will find the right set to suit your individual personality and your style of play. We pride ourselves on providing the very best darts products. If there is a certain type of Harrows dart flights you are looking for get in contact with us via our Contact page and we will look to combine you with the most suitable type of flight.

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