Collection: American Pool Cue Cases

We supply high quality, affordable American Pool cue cases for players to transport their cues whilst keeping them safe and secure during travel. When purchasing a pool cue, ensuring it is kept at the highest quality is paramount, therefore, having a durable case specifically designed to protect your cue ensures you can play game after game without having to worry about knocks and scrapes affecting your performance. The American Pool cue cases that we supply are manufactured to the highest possible standards to ensure that the case lasts a long time and can endure any accidental blows, so your pool cue doesn’t have to.

Currently, we stock the following brands: Label 9, Laperti, Buffalo, AP6, Universal Pro and Predator pool cue cases, with prices ranging from £36.99 up to £371.99, depending on budget and the level the player currently competes at. Each American Pool cue case, as standard, contains space to hold at least one butt and one shaft, as well as room to store small accessories in external zip pockets. Depending on what you need to take to each game, we supply cue cases which can carry up to 8 Shafts and 6 Butts which means, with the right case, you can carry the precise amount of cue options to give you an advantage at the table.

Each pool cue case is different; we supply both soft and rigid cases; cases with a variety of coloured trims; cases made from faux leather or mock suede; cases with natural tan leather effects, studded leather effects or, at the higher end of the selection, gold or steel accents at both ends of the case. Further, depending on the case you purchase, most of our American Pool Cue Cases come with either a carry handle or a carry strap, making transport from table to table comfortably. Finding a case that suits both your playing style and your preferred design has never been simpler.

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