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We offer a range of table tennis tables and accessories from our UK base. Here you will find the full details of the ping pong accessories that we have on offer, including table covers, bat covers, products for bat and table care, practice robots and competition accessories.

Our range of table covers, provide waterproof protection against anything from indoor spills to the harsh outdoor elements. Although some tables are designed to withstand such weather, they will may end up pitted and warped over time without any adequate protection to limit the exposure of the surface. Additionally, our range of bat covers offer protection from knocks, scrapes, spills while in transit and in storage. As the smallest dent or imperfection in the surface of your bat can make a great difference in the accuracy of your shots, and a good quality TT bat cover will keep it in the best condition possible. You can also opt for cover designs that have additional storage pockets for balls.

Products for bat and table care can help to prolong the life of such accessories. Cleaning products for tables come from the Butterfly brand, so you can trust in their quality. You can remove grease, perspiration and dust from the surface without scratching or marking the table tennis rubber itself. Your bat or paddle can suffer from a build-up of dirt and grime overtime, which can cause the bat to feel uncomfortable in your hand, or can create an uneven surface on the blade. We have a range of cleaning product from leading brands that can keep your bats or paddles in good condition.

We also stock practice robots, which are designed for individual practice, so you can improve your ping pong skill independently. Harnessing robotic technology, the ping pong machine is able to produce a varying amount of balls per minute, simply by mounting the machine on the surface of the table. We can also supply collection nets so you can focus on your practice.

Lastly, our competition accessories include net measure gauges, handheld ball collecting net, league scoring machines, towel/ball boxes, umpire tables, and polyester competition surrounds. For more information about any of our table tennis accessories or any other products, simply contact us today.

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