Collection: Chalk And Chalk Holders

We have been providing our customers with everything for snooker and pool playing for over 15 years. From full size snooker tables to balls and cues, we have everything you need. We are pleased to supply quantity products consistently, providing you with a large choice of branded products at competitive prices each season. If you’re looking for chalk for playing billiard, pool, or snooker, we have an extensive range to choose from. In addition to the chalk itself, we also stock an array of different chalk holders to add ease of play. Our range includes items to suit every budget, from the cheapest at £2.49, to the most expensive at £44.99, and various prices in between. The most basic design is made from rubber and attached with string to secure the holder and chalk to tables or cue racks. Other options include magnetic chalk holders in plastic or leather. Additionally, we have a Peradon leather cue chalk pouch, which easily clips onto your belt or trouser waist band. Our most expensive option is the Kamui Chalk Shark holder, which makes use of powerful rare earth neodymium magnets. For the chalk itself, we have a range of brands available, including Pioneer, Triangle, Master, Silver Cup, Taom, and Predator. Both chalk and chalk holders are available in a variety of colours. If you have any questions about any of these items, please visit our contact page, and a member of the team will be happy to discuss your options with you.

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