Collection: Short Cues from 36 to 54 inch

Short Cues from 36 to 54 inch - We supply short pool cues that are ideal for young children just starting out, or for customers who are regular players but often find themselves in tight areas around the table where a wall, furniture or even other players are stood. We aim to supply players of all ages the opportunity to engage with pool, so they can begin learning how to play the game at whatever age they wish, and, with a short pool cue, this is made possible.

We currently supply the following brands for short pool cues and short pool cue sticks: Cue Craft, Ramin, Powerglide, BCE, Cannon and Eaton Pro. Our prices range from an affordable £5.10 up to £46.80, meaning there are choices that are both cost-effective and of high manufacturing quality. The short pool cues range from 36 to 54 inches, meaning we have a variety of sizes to fit both the player and the environment in which they are playing. The short pool cues and short pool cue sticks come in a variety of materials, including hardwood, ash, grade ‘A’ American ash, ebony and maple; depending on the one you purchase, some of the short cues in our selection come coated with a high-density resin for an added finish and for durability.

Given the nature of the playing environment, short cues are used in, rubber bumpers are fitted to the bottom of some of the cues we supply, ensuring that any accidental knocks won’t damage the wood or any walls or furniture in the vicinity. We also give options with some of our short pool cues to customise it to your specific requirements; the option to adjust the weight, length and include additional tips, means you can customise your order to reflect how you want to play. With some of our short cue choices there are options to buy in multi-packs of 4, meaning you can make savings the more cues you buy.

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