Collection: Flights By Shape

We have a vast array of darts, flights, stems, not to mention dartboards and other accessories. You can view our range by the shape of the flight, where you can choose from seven different shapes, including Standard, Slim, Big Wing, DXM, Kite, Pear, or Phil Taylor Flights. The Standard Shape of our dart flights features a wide area for interesting designs, with a small point at the top. These designs are full of fun, with lots of colour, and the inclusion of different characters, as well as phrases such as “born lucky” to discourage any opponents. With a range of brands from Harrows, Winmau and Unicorn, there’s plenty to choose from. Alternatively, our Slim range, is not as wide as the Standard range, with simple designs and making use of modern technology. Big Wing dart flights are basically slightly larger than standard. Plain and simple designs are available, along with fun the ‘Flying Scotsman’ designs, and autographed Gary Anderson designs.DXM dart flights have a thinner design with a long arrow point, featuring Unicorn’s ‘Phrase 5’ design, which are 25% thicker than standard, and available in five different colours. Their name alluding to their shape, the Kite and Pear flights. The Kite having a pointed end, and the Pear having a rounded tip.

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